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Why is the Sky Blue?

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ISBN: 9780655225324

Format: 4c x 4c hardback with matt lam and spot UV on cover, section sewn with separate ends

Extent: Cover + 24pp + ends

Dimensions: 276 mm x 219 mm

Why is the Sky Blue? Why not green? Or purple? Or brown?! (Actually - maybe not brown ...) Heath McKenzie brings laughter and fun to the science of light and colour. Taking as a launching point a typical WHY? question, Heath's illustrations and humour make an entertaining read aloud for all. This picture book is destined to become another firm favourite with kids and parents alike.

  • The first book in a new companion series to the popular Life Lessons titles (You Get What You Get and You Don’t Get Upset, Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees and You Don’t Have to Like It You Just Have to Eat It) written and illustrated by Heath McKenzie.
  • Depicts the relatable scenario of a child asking a mind-boggling question and provides an explanation that is at once both scientific and humourous.
  • Full of colour and action, it will be revisited over and over again

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