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Deluxe Poster Set - Unicorn Treats

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ISBN: 9780655228042

Format: Folder + 40pp (one-sided) + 8 markers + 4 glitter pens + sticker sheet

Extent: Cover + 40pp (one-sided)

Dimensions: 360 mm x 289 mm x 26.5 mm

Delightful and delicious doodles await in this Unicorn Treats Deluxe Poster Set. Featuring cute unicorns and sweet treats galore, this set includes 8 colored markers, 4 glitter pens and a gem sticker sheet, as well as 20 posters that you can pull-out and display!

  • Color and decorate cute, delightfully detailed illustrations on each page.
  • 20-pull out posters to display your art!
  • Markers, glitter pens and gem stickers to use on your posters and other art activities.

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