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The Lettering Book

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ISBN: 9780655224501

Format: Cover 4c + fluro with gloss lam and glitter; text 4c x 4c; stencil 1c gloss lam; concealed wiro binding

Extent: Cover + 34pp + 6 stencils + 4pp cover liner

Dimensions: 220 mm x 250 mm

There are hours of fun to be had with this bright and colourful lettering book. Six stencil cards are included to create your own letters, posters and more! Read the helpful hints and tips on how to make a plethora of themed alphabets with just a pen and coloured pencils. The alphabet never looked so cool!

  • Featuring detailed instructions on how to create over 6 different alphabets, alongside gorgeous illustrations and colours to engage creative minds.
  • Includes six removable stencil cards with fun shapes and letters.
  • Contains blank pages for practising lettering which can be removed and displayed anywhere!

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